Piano Entertainment in the San Francisco Bay area

“Acoustic Monday” at The Pour House

Tim at the Pour House 1


I was very excited when The Pour House, a popular beer and wine bar on Polk Street in San Francisco, invited me to be a part of their new “Acoustic Mondays” live music series.  Over the past several years I’d spent a number of evenings here as a customer (including birthday #31), and more than once I found myself thinking that this would be an awesome place to play.

I worked with Matt, the events manager at the Pour House.  He’s been booking at least three days of musicians every week for the last several months and he scheduled me for two sets on Labor Day.

The day of the gig, I kicked things off around 7:30 in front of a crowd of about 10 super-supportive friends and some Monday regulars as well.  I played two sets, with a focus on some of my favorite “pop pianists.”  Set 1 featured Billy Joel, Elton John, and the Beatles.  I branched out in the second set and delved into some Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles, Coldplay, Christina Perri, Alicia Keys, and Green Day.

Even though it was a holiday and the city was quiet from the weekend-long BART closure, I was super thankful to have some friendly faces there to cheer me on and fill up the back portion of the bar.  A big shout to Paul and Lisa, Greg and Julie, Bryan and Kate, Steph, Rachel, Ilana, Adam, and their cohorts for coming out on a holiday weekend.

Here’s a few clips from the evening: