Piano Entertainment in the San Francisco Bay area

Our Honest Testimonial

A testimonial provided by Tim’s clients April Mae and Sean:

“We fell across Tim’s website much like you, the reader of this testimonial, probably did, just checkin’ out some piano players for the big day. We spent months looking for a piano player for our wedding. We wanted an affordable, non-cheesy, talented piano player–sounds simple right?! Well, we are here to say that in our searching experience, affordable bought cheesy and talented meant way too expensive. That was until we found Mister Tim Nelson. Tim is so professional and affordable–dreams do come true!

Lemme just real talk for a moment here… First, Tim invited us to his apartment in SF so we could talk about what type of music we wanted for our ceremony. When we arrived at his place he answered the door with a big ol’ smile, then seated us on his couch where the coffee table already had waters and snacks waiting for us. We then discussed our wedding music desires and he explained his capabilities which by the way are endless. He played some songs for us and we listened. After listening to his skills we knew that he had this piano playing business dialed! During the next few months, we emailed back and fourth a couple of times about music selection. (Actually, it was mainly us sending him a ton of youtube links to the songs we wanted him to learn for the ceremony.)

Fast forward…It’s the wedding day and our officiant–god bless her, was almost 40 minutes late to the ceremony, my husband’s aunt somehow got locked into her hotel room and had to be removed by the fire department (she almost missed the entire wedding) and literally minutes before I was about to walk down the aisle our friends were still showing up to the chapel sweaty and breathless like they had been running, BUT you know who was on time and playing calmly, fooling nearly everyone that things were fine and going just as planned!? Mister Tim Nelson, that’s who! He is dependable, affordable and talented! Need I say more?

Tim we hardly got to thank you they way we should have on our wedding day. So here it is… to a very “in tune” piano man, thanks for being the glue of our wedding ceremony…seriously.”

– April Mae and Sean, July 2012