Piano Entertainment in the San Francisco Bay area

Tim a Bassist?

My friend Gary, who I perform with in the St. Dominic’s Contemporary Choir, is celebrating his next birthday by pulling together his old band for a gig or two.  He asked me to join as a fill-in bassist.  I do not play any stringed instruments, but I’ve been playing bass on my Roland AX-9 synth for about a year.  We’ve had a couple of rehearsals and I’m having a ton of fun.  Our first gig will be at the St. Dominic’s Parish Hall for Gary’s official birthday celebration.  We’re also hoping to land a gig at a local bar in San Francisco – stay tuned for more on that!

Special thanks to Ian for the pictures.






South Bay Ceremony

I traveled to San Jose, CA on Saturday, May 12 to provide wedding ceremony and cocktail hour music for James and Mimi on their wedding day.  The entire event was held at the  First Unitarian Church, located downtown right off of St. James Park.  This was a pretty unique event for me, as this was the first bi-lingual ceremony I’ve every been a part of.  The officiant spoke in Mandarin, and an English translator repeated everything the officiant said.  Equally unique was that I sang during this ceremony, which is not something that my wedding clients typically ask for.  James and Mimi were great clients; thorough, organized, and direct in what they were looking for.